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The regular meeting of the Winfield City Council scheduled for April 7, 2020 has been moved to Thursday, April 9, 2020. Thursday's agenda will be posted on this site tomorrow.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, today put in place additional closure regulations for the entire state. Also included in the order are rules pertaining to public gatherings.

Click Here to Read the Complete Order of the State Health Officer


  1. Customer will be responsible for having garbage can(s) at the roadway for trash collection. Can(s) must be at the roadway by 7:00 a.m. on day of trash collections and removed by 7:00 a.m. the following day.
  2. The front of the can(s) will need to face the street and be within 3' of the street. A can must be aminimum of 4' from any obstruction on front, back and sides with a minimum of 15' clearance overhead.
  3. All household garbage must be inside trash bags inside the garbage can(s). This will help with keeping can(s) clean and eliminate odor.
  4. All household garbage must be inside the can(s) with the lid closed on the can. do not overfill the garbage can(s). No trash outside the can(s) will be picked up.
  5. Do not place the following items in the garbage can(s): Limbs, grass, leaves, dirt, wood, concrete, bricks, hot ashes, chemicals or any building materials.
  6. No cans other than those supplied by City of Winfield to be picked up.
  7. The monthly fee for the first can will be $14.00. A monthly fee of $7.00 will be charged for each additional can. This is based on one pickup per week.
  8. A residence or business needing more than three cans will need to call for a dumpster. (205) 487-4337.


  1. The monthly fee for the first can will be $21.00. A monthly fee of $10.50 will be charged for each additional can. This is based on one pickup per week.
  2. A residence or business needing more than three cans will need to call for a dumpster. (205) 487-4337.

Cans are property of the City of winfield. when an account is closed, cans are to be left at residence for pickup by street department personnel.

City Hall will be practicing social distancing until further notice. No one other than authorized personnel will be allowed to enter the building.

All payments for garbage or court can be made online, by mail or dropbox.

If you need assistance, please call one of the numbers below and someone will assist you.

Garbage: 205-487-4337
City Court: 205-487-3307

Following council approval of Resolution No. 1240, on April 2, 2019, the following summary of changes to solid waste policies will take effect beginning June 1, 2019.

Account Setup

  1. Customers requesting garbage collection service will be required to pay a non refundable account origination fee of $50, complete a contract for service(s), and provide two forms of identification, one of which must be a social security card or social security number.
  2. Customers will be required to provide a signed copy of a lease in the case of rental property.
  3. The City will use reasonable efforts to begin collection immediately upon the setting up of a new account or upon the payment of a suspended or de-activated account. However, services may take up to seven (7) days to begin.

Returned Check/Bank Draft Fees

  1. A $30 fee will be charged for each check or bank draft presented and returned as unpaid. Upon receipt of returned check/bank draft, city will attempt to contact customer by phone of returned item. Customer will have 48 hours to redeem item by cash/certified funds or collection service will be suspended and applicable fees applied to account.
  2. Any customer or person presenting two checks or bank drafts which are returned unpaid within a one (1) year period shall be unable to issue a check/bank draft for payment for the subsequent 12 month period.

Suspension of Services

  1. Garbage collection bills are due by the 15th of the month. If the 15th is on a weekend, holiday or other time city hall is closed bills will be due the following business day.
  2. If an account is not paid in full by 2:30 pm on the last working day of the month, a $25.00 service fee per account will be added and service suspended. To re-instate service, the account must be paid in full by cash payment only.
  3. If the account remains unpaid by the 15th of the following month, the account will be deactivated in addition to remaining on suspension. To re-establish collection service, an account origination fee of $50.00 will be required and any unpaid balance in the customer's name shall be paid in full.
  4. The City of Winfield may refuse to provide collection services for the violation of any of it's Rules and Regulations or for failure to pay all Rates and Charges. The discontinuance of service as stated in this rule does not release the customer for their obligation to City of Winfield for the payment of monthly garbage collection charges as specified in the City's ordinance.

Click Here to Access Resolution 1240 In Its Entirety