The Winfield Municipal Court convenes on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, unless changes are necessary around holidays. For a detailed schedule of court days, consult the City Calendar.

Municipal Court Staff

City Judge   M. Lionel Leathers
Court Clerk  Ashley Gann

Municipal Court Office Hours

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 

Instructions for paying traffic offenses:

If you have been charged with one of the offenses listed below and would like to plead guilty and pay the fine you have these options.  You may either mail the full amount indicated below and sign in the lower left hand corner on the back of your citation, in the block that says, "Defendant's Signature," and return to this address: Winfield Municipal Court, P.O. Box 710, Winfield, AL 35594 or you may click here to pay online.


Drivig on Wrong Side of Road  $176.50    Improper Signal  $156.50 
Failure to Dim Lights  $156.50    Improper Tag  $171.50 
Failure to Stop at Railroad Crossing  $156.50    Improper Tires  $166.50 
Failure to Use Child Restraint  $171.50    Improper Turn  $166.50 
Failure to Wear Seatbelt  $26.00    Improper Window Tint $166.50
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way  $166.50    No Driver's License  $221.50 
Following Too Closely  $166.50    No Helment (Motorcycle)  $156.50 
Improper Backing  $166.50    Running Red Light  $166.50 
Improper Brakes  $166.50    Running Stop Sign  $166.50 
Improper Lights  $166.50    Speeding:   
Improper Mufflers  $156.50      Less than 25 MPH over posted limit  $166.50 
Improper or No Rearview Mirror  $166.50      25 MPH or more over posted limit $186.50 
Improper Passing $166.50   In Construction Zone:  
         Less than 25 MPH over posted limit $186.50
         25 MPH or more over posted limit $226.50
      Stopping on Highway  $176.50 

No personal checks will be accepted. Send cashier's check or money order only.

Make payable to Municipal Court 

All other violations must be settled in court.

If you do not appear in court or your payment does not reach the court office by the court appearance date on your citation, YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE WILL BE SUSPENDED and a warrant issued for your arrest. All other traffic offenses must be settled in court.