Board of Education (5 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • James Garner, Board Chairman
  • Chad May
  • Tommy Bowen 
  • Chris Carothers
  • Dana Peoples

Cemetery Board (Serves at Will of Council)

Current Members:

  • Larry Hunter
  • Cindy Holcomb - Chairwoman
  • Rob Bolton
  • Tommy Bowen
  • Angie Oliver - Secretary
  • David Oliver
  • Sherry Corbett

Winfield Housing Authority Commission (6 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • Gary Barker- Chairman
  • Bettye Robison
  • Johnnie Lindsey
  • Martha Humber
  • Michael McCollum

Library Board (5 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • Kevin Bradford
  • Tim Estes
  • James Garner
  • Mitzi West
  • Minnie Rodrigues

Northwest Alabama Gas District:

  • Mayor Randy Price (Winfield Representative)

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Board Members (Winfield Representatives)

Current Members:

  • Harlon Farrar
  • Jane Campbell
  • Grace Lewis

Park and Recreation Board (5 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • Bobby Bryant
  • Chris Carothers
  • Leanne Corkren
  • Tara Dickey
  • Brad Burroughs
  • Rusty Hulsey
  • Britton Lightsey
  • Christy Reese
  • Daniel Tidwell

Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustments (Serves at Will of Council)

Current Members:

Planning Board

  • Sandy Scott - Chairman
  • Angie Oliver - Secretary
  • Keith Pollard - Ex Officio
  • Larry Atkinson 
  • Packy Butler
  • Bubba Carothers
  • Roger Estes
  • Randy Price (Mayor)
  • Bill Webb

Zoning Board of Adjustments

  • Harlon Farrar
  • Tony Pollard
  • Thomas (Bunk) Beasley
  • Dana Peoples

Theater Board (3 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • Mary Hyche
  • David Miles
  • Nancy Moss
  • Dr. Ron Moss
  • Nick Posey
  • Don Studdard
  • Stephen Preuninger

Tree City Board

Current Members

  • Ethelwyn Langston
  • Sherrian McDaniel
  • Rob Bolton
  • Gina Bryant
  • Dr. Richard Vining

Water Works and Sewer Board (6 Year Terms)

Current Members:

  • James Markham -Chairman
  • Kevin Bradford
  • Libby Estes
  • Sammy Wyers
  • Randy Price (Mayor)

Weed, Junk and Litter Abatement Board & Housing Abatement Board (Serves at Will of Council)

Current Members:

  • Sandy Scott, City Designee
  • Britton Lightsey
  • Jeana Estes
  • Tammy Brashier
  • Melissa Brasher
  • Tom Burleson
  • Randy Webster

Alcohol board

Current Members

David Oliver, Chairman
Sandy Scott, City Designee
Allen Brasher
Dusty Rae
Steve Martin
Tammy Brashier
Dustin Webb, Enforcement Officer

Non-Voting Members

Brett Burleson, Police Chief
Angie Oliver,  City Clerk

Hospital Authority Board

Current Members

Chuck Spann
Dr. Ronnie Moss
Jim Dickinson
Dr. Gary fowler
Randy Price

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