• Annual Mule Day Festival

    Annual Mule Day Festival

  • A Memorial to One of Our Own

    A Memorial to One of Our Own

  • Pastime Civic Center Complex

    Pastime Civic Center Complex

  • Winfield Middle School

    Winfield Middle School

  • Winfield Public Library

    Winfield Public Library

  • Winfield Community Center

    Winfield Community Center

  • Ivan K. Hill Park

    Ivan K. Hill Park

  • Winfield City Hall

    Winfield City Hall

  • Fun at the Pastime Theatre

    Fun at the Pastime Theatre

  • Holidays Downtown Winfield

    Holidays Downtown Winfield

  • Northwest Medical Center

    Northwest Medical Center

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We will be safely reopening the library in phases. Please be patient as we remain closed until further notice.

Outdoor Book and Media Depository

PHASE I: Outdoor Book and Media deposit is open for returns Monday, May 11, 2020
Please return all library items as soon as possible by using the outdoor book and media deposit.

Time is the best disinfectant!

The easiest, safest, and most inexpensive disinfectant is time. Libraries are recommended to stay closed until the risk of public infection is eliminated. Quarantine past the viability of the virus is the best plan.

The COVID 19 virus has had an unprecedented impact on the library and the communities we serve. Our plan to reopen is dependent on factors such as recommendations from local and national health agencies, social distancing protocols, critical community needs, and a sustained reduction in new COVID 19 cases within the community for at least 14 days. The primary consideration is maintaining the safety of library patrons and staff while finding ways to provide necessary services that the library is uniquely positioned to perform.

PHASE II will be announced Friday. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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2021 Mule Day Forms

Download registration and information forms for Mule Day 2019. Click on the desired form to download it to your computer.

Solid Waste Payments

The City of Winfield customers can now pay their solid waste bills online 24/7 with a credit card, debit card, or ACH (eCheck). This service is provided through Pay N Seconds, a third party payment processor, specializing in secure bill payment options.

Pay N Seconds

Bank Draft for Garbage Fees

The City of Winfield offers automatic bank draft service for payment of garbage collection fees. To sign up for this service, download the Debit Authorization Form below, fill it out and return it to City Hall. Your garbage collection fees will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Download Bank Draft Form

Council Agenda Request

Council Agenda Request

We're Big on Education

First Rate Schools for All
The City of Winfield has always taken pride in having one of the finest school systems in the state. We're committed to providing a first-class education to our students. This commitment is the reason many people choose to live in Winfield.
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