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  • Memorial Day garbage pick up - Monday 5-30-16 trash pick up will be picked up on Tuesday 5-31-16
  • Pay Solid Waste Bills Online CLICK HERE
  • Renew Business Licenses Online: CLICK HERE.
  • Zoning Map Available Here - View the map or download a copy to your computer.
  • City Council Meeting 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 6:00 pm-Winfield City Hall (Except Holidays)
  • Traffic Court 1st & 3rd Monday@ 3:00 pm-Winfield City Hall (Except Holidays)

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City Offers Online Payments for Solid Waste Bills

Several residents have asked that the City of Winfield provide the convenience of online payments for solid waste fees and we have listened to your requests! Beginning immediately, monthly garbage collection fees (Solid Waste) can be paid online using a credit or debit card. Look in the right side column of this web page and click the blue button to pay your garbage bill online. Save a trip to town, don't worry about a stamp and just click and pay conveniently from your city website. Please note that any online payment made after 5:30 p.m. on Friday will be credited to your account on the following Monday (or next business day if Monday is a holiday).

You may also have your solid waste bill set up on a monthly bank draft. Look again to the right side column and download the form for a bank draft. Fill out the form and drop it at City Hall and we'll draft your solid waste fees automatically each month!


Talk of Alabama 01/05/16 The Pastime Theatre


Winfield Main Street and Pastime Theatre Board Honored by Chamber

Winfield Main Street & Pastime Theatre Board

(L - R Front Row)Leah Ann Bowling (Main Street Vice President), Mary Hyche (Chairman, Theatre Board), Dot Bolton (Main Street Treasurer and theatre board)
(L - R 2nd Row) Tammy Brashier Main Street Program Manager and Theatre Event Coordinator/Office Manager) Nancy Moss (Theatre Board), Allene Crew (Main Street Secretary)
(L - R Back Row) Don Studdard (Main Street President and Theatre Board) Ronnie Moss, Stephen Preuninger and Wesley McNeill (Theatre Board)

The honorees for 2015 Mule Day Parade are Winfield Main Street & Pastime Theatre Board.  We honor these two groups and their members for all the contributions, projects, support, and dedication they have given over the years to the City of Winfield, and the Winfield Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you to Winfield Main Street & Pastime Theatre Board  for helping make Winfield a better place to work and live.


Bank Draft Available for Garbage Fees

Citizens who wish to pay garbage fees by bank auto-draft simply need to come by city hall and pick up an authorization form or download it here. Form can be taken home and filled out or filled out at city hall. Form is basically asking for bank name and account information and garbage account number. A voided check must be submitted with the form.


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City Council Agendas

Click here to see City Council agendas.

Education Excellence

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

Winfield City Schools

Winfield City Schools

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2016 Mule Day Forms

The following forms are available for download for Mule Day 2016. 

Mule Day 2016 is set for September 23 & 24, 2016.

Business License

You may renew your business license online by credit or debit card.

Click here for business license renewal.

Winfield Weather

Solid Waste Payments

Click the button below to pay your Solid Waste Bill online.

Online Payments

Bank Draft for Garbage Fees

The City of Winfield offers automatic bank draft service for payment of garbage collection fees. To sign up for this service, download the Debit Authorization Form below, fill it out and return to City Hall. Your garbage collection fees will be automatically drafted from your bank account each month.

Download Bank Draft Form Here

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Thinking about relocating your business or industry?

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